2016 Summer Resource Round-Up

Referral Resource Roundup

It’s been awhile since our last Referral Resources Round-Up and we’ve added a bunch of new resources to help you increase your referrals. (With our 2016 $500 referral bonus – who doesn’t want to get more referrals?!) Here’s some of the new resources you might want to check out.

1. Program Spotlights
With this series, we shine the spotlight on each of our programs so you can better answer any questions your friends and family might have about them. Recently we’ve shone the spotlight on Executive Assistant and Medical Coding and Billing.

2. New Veterinary Assistant Course
Earlier this year we launched a veterinary assistant program. To help you become more familiar with the program, we created a Top 5 Reasons why becoming a veterinary assistant might be the right career choice for your friends and family!

3. Who’s Who of Career Step

We’ve been highlighting the different types of Career Step students, as well as providing ideas on how to increase your referrals with each type. With back to school in everyone’s mind, we recently discussed ways for you to increase your referrals with College Students and High School Seniors.

4. Using Social Media for Referrals
We continue our popular social media series discussing Twitter. In Part 1, we share the basics of how to use Twitter for referrals. (We also include some dos and don’ts for those less familiar with this social media platform.) And in Part 2, we give you some helpful suggestions on things you can tweat.

5. Facebook Ideas
And speaking of social media, Facebook continues to be a great place to increase your referrals. Like us on Facebook at Every month we add tons of new Facebooking for Referrals ideas. Here’s what we’ve added recently:

Impossible Until It Gets Done
Stop Wishing Start Doing
Medical Coding Career Paths
Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone
Future Depends on Today
Day in the Life Pharmacy Technician Video
Change the Plan Not the Goal
High School Seniors
Courage to Pursue Your Dreams
Next Chapter
Computer Technician Video
Change the World
Improve Tomorrow Today

Need some additional ideas on how you can increase your referrals? Check out some of our more recent resource roundups for some helpful suggestions and tools, including: Winter 2016 and Fall 2015.
Still can’t find what you need? Leave us a comment below so we can help you be more successful with your referrals!


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