Career Step Referral Program Basics

Note: This post reviews the basics of the Career Step Referral Program. If you are not a Career Step student but would like to participate, please visit to create an account.

The Career Step Referral Program offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily be financially rewarded for telling others about Career Step. We have a set payout structure, and we send out electronic payments once a month in the month following the enrollment—for example, you’ll receive payment in March for any referred enrollments that happen in February. (For more information on our payout process, read our Referral Payouts: FAQs post.) The standard payout structure is as follows:

  • $100 per enrollment for 1-2 enrollments a month
  • $200 per enrollment for 3-4 enrollments a month
  • $250 per enrollment for 5+ enrollments a month

When you signed up for the Referral Program (or when you enrolled for Career Step training), you received an email with your specific referrer information. If you’ve misplaced this email or are unsure of your Referrer ID, email us at and we would be happy to look it up for you.

The best way to ensure you get credit for your referrals is to have your contacts visit your unique referrer webpage. When your contacts request more Career Step information from this page, they’ll be marked with your Referrer ID in our system, and when they enroll, you’ll receive credit for them. For more information on why this page is important, check out the Why is Your Referrer Webpage Important? post.

The Career Step Referral Program applies to enrollments in any of the Career Step vocational programs. This means that you’ll receive a bonus when your referrals enroll in any of these Career Step programs:

If your referrals enroll in the Medical Transcription Editor Supplement program, RHDS Exam Preparation program, or any of the Microsoft Office courses, you will not be eligible for a referral bonus. For full details on what programs qualify for the bonus please see the Referral Program Terms & Conditions.

This Referral Blog is an excellent resource as a referrer because we use it to make you aware of any promotions we’re running as well as offering answers to commonly asked questions. Be sure to check back often to stay up-to-date on the best ways to make the most of your program participation, and feel free to respond to any posts with your questions and comments.

You can also like us on Facebook to stay up to date on any referral promotions and get tips on how to increase your referrals with social media!

If you have questions or concerns about the Career Step Referral Program, please call 1-800-411-7073 or email


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4 thoughts on “Career Step Referral Program Basics

  1. Sheri Leger says:

    I am a medical transcriptionist graduated from a certified program Oct 2007. Worked two years in a Drs office for endocrinology. Haven’t worked since 2011. Disabled. Am currently looking for employment with MModal as a documentation editor.( Also have previous nursing experience 1987-1998.) what is the medical transcription editor supplement program. What is the cost and how long is the course?

    • Anne Turner says:

      Hi Sheri! Most of our courses can take 4 months to complete, but we give you access for a full year. If you have a specific course in mind, give us a call at 800-411-7073 and we can answer your questions!

  2. Rheannon Hansen says:

    Called interested in Medical coding and billing almost a year ago, as put in the MTE program, asked to switch a few times was told to “stick it out” I still hate it and am having a hard time finishing, have tried to talk to someone on the phone several times, and always get told “well sorry.”
    Really unhappy that I now owe 3k for a program I never even wanted to take, but was basically stuck in and having a really hard time getting through, even though I’d asked to be switched well within the grace period several times.

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