Career Step Receiving National Attention

Dave Ramsey

Career Step has recently been in the national spotlight with Forbes magazine and Dave Ramsey.  This is great news for you as a referrer because it provides you with additional talking points to share with your friends and family! (And it also helps legitimize Career Step for any of the naysayers that might think we’re a scam.)

For several months now we have been nationally endorse by the Dave Ramsey Show. Dave likes that Career Step’s online training programs are designed to help our students quickly and affordable get the skills they need to start working and earning—even from home! You can listen to Dave’s endorsement here:

Forbes magazine also recently highlighted Career Step for our strong value proposition. “Career Step offers its students a more effective educational path to a higher income, while avoiding student-loan debt. And they do it with passion.” You can read the whole story at

You can increase your referrals by sharing these links with your friends and family in person, email or via social media.  You can also tell them about your experience with Career Step and how they don’t have to go into debt to get quality, online career training that will help them find jobs nationwide. Just remember to direct your contact to your referral webpage or have them mention your name when they call so you’ll get credit for the referral.

Have you lost your referral information? Not a problem! Send an email to and we’ll be happy to resend it to you.

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