Career Step to Donate for Every Referral in November to the National Military Family Association

Career Step will donate $50 for every student referred to Career Step who enrolls in November to the National Military Family Association’s Operation Purple initiative in celebration of National Military Family Appreciation Month. Operation Purple helps children of military families cope with the worry and absence of a deployed parent and focuses on supporting family togetherness after long separations or injury.

“Career Step’s support of the military community has traditionally focused on service members and their spouses as we offer flexible online adult-training programs that prepare individuals for careers with opportunities nationwide,” said Tim Reynolds, Career Step Military Liaison. “We’re excited about this month’s donation drive because we are expanding our support to the children of military families.”

The November donation drive will be administered in conjunction with Career Step’s Personal Referral program. This program offers participants a referral bonus when someone they refer to Career Step enrolls in one of the school’s training programs (up to $250 per enrollment). In celebration of National Military Appreciation Month, Career Step will be donating $50 for every one of these referred enrollments in the month of November in addition to the normal referral bonus paid.

Career Step’s donations to the National Military Family Association have been designated for the Operation Purple program, which hosts a number of camps for children with a deployed or recently returned military parent. The camps focus on teaching children coping skills for dealing with the extra stresses of a parent absent due to deployment. Operation Purple camps also give kids a break from being different because their parent is deployed; at camp they have the chance to meet other kids who are dealing with very similar situations.

A participant in the National Military Family Association’s Operation Purple program said:

“I was awestruck when I visited the camp to see the campers, who just days before had been strangers, encouraging and helping one another. These kids bonded quickly and were given the opportunity to learn stress and coping strategies, learn a little about military culture and most of all have fun and make new friends. Thank you for your support and dedication to the youth of American’s military, our future!”

To learn more about Career Step or the Personal Referral program and how you can participate, visit

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