Fall 2015 Resource Round-up

Referral Resource Roundup

Fall is in the air and instead of leaves, we’ve been gathering up resources just for you! Below are the resources we’ve added since our Summer July 2015 Round Up.

1. Who’s Who of Career Step Students
If you’re looking to broaden your referral base, this series is just for you! We’ve been highlighting the different types of Career Step students, as well as providing ideas on how to increase your referrals within that community. The whole series features…

There are also a number of new fliers in the Resource Center that go with these different audiences, for example the Fit School Around Your Life flier and Start A New Career flier.

2. New Infographic on Work at Home Opportunities
Do you know anyone who’s interested in working from home? This infographic is perfect to share with them! It will help them separate the real opportunities from the scams.

You can also find all of our other infographics in our Medial Library. Topics range from program specific information to study tips for online students and career advice for military spouses.

3. Program Overview Videos
Are you using videos in your referral efforts? Each of our program overview videos provides a quick explanation of the industry and job function as well as what to expect with Career Step’s course—so they’re perfect to share with your friends and family as well as post to social media! We’ve recently added our Computer Technician and Medical Administrative Assistant courses to our list of featured programs:

4. Facebook Ideas
We also continue to add additional ideas on increasing your referrals using Facebook. Below are the latest in our series of Facebooking For Referrals posts.

5. Additional Resources
There are also a few new miscellaneous resources. We’ve added a blog post highlighting important qualities of online schools that prospective students should consider, and Career Step has also been receiving national attention. These serve as excellent talking points and resources for you to share with your friends and family to help them better understand Career Step!

If you need additional ideas on how to get more referrals, check out some of our previous Resource Round-Ups: Summer July 2015 and Spring April 2015. Are there other resources you’d like us to add? Please leave a comment below and let us know what’s missing!

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