Free Laptop for New Students and Tuition Increasing Soon

Now is the time for your friends to enroll as September is the last month to go back to school before our new tuition rates arrive on October 1. And for any new student who enrolls by September 30, they will also get a free laptop and free textbooks!

  • Free laptop or up to $400 off their tuition when they enroll by Sept 30
  • Free instructor support
  • Free graduate support and job search advice
  • Free certification exam voucher(s) (up to a $570 value!)

Of course, the free laptop and the biggest tuition discounts are available to students who pay their tuition in a single payment at the time of enrollment, but there are even savings available for students who prefer a payment plan.

Be sure to let your contacts know about these offers, but please make sure you know who qualifies before you start spreading the word.

  • Qualifying programs: Only students enrolling in the Pharmacy Technician with Healthcare Administration and Billing, Pharmacy Technician with Healthcare Administration, Pharmacy Technician with Healthcare Billing, Healthcare IT, Medical Office Manager, Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS, Professional Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Transcription Editor, Medical Transcription, Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Assistant, Computer Technician, Medical Administrative Assistant, Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Office Manager, Medical Billing, or Executive Assistant programs are eligible for the free laptop.
  • Select payment options: To be eligible the free laptop, new students enrolling in a qualifying program must pay their tuition in a single payment at the time of enrollment. If they wish to take advantage of a payment plan, the 3-month payment option offers a 5% tuition discount.
  • Cash discounts: Students who receive the laptop are not eligible for any additional discounts; however, if laptop eligible students would like a cash discount instead, that option is available (exact discount available varies by program and can be found at
  • Eligibility exceptions: Students who are enrolling through an academic partner may not qualify for these offers.
  • MyCAA enrolling students are eligible for a laptop only: Because of Department of Defense restrictions on the MyCAA program, additional tuition discounts are not available to students enrolling with MyCAA funding. However, with the move to ebooks, all new MyCAA students will receive a laptop with their course to ensure they can access their ebook resources.

Make sure your contacts know about these offers as they’re searching for a career they can love by sharing this promotion on Facebook! All you have to do is right click on the image above and choose “save image as.” Then post the image on your Facebook page along with a short message that includes your referral webpage ( so you get credit for the referral. Remember to replace the xxxxx with the actual numbers of your referrer ID.

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