Graduate Advice: Online Flexibility

At Career Step, we work hard to help individuals change their lives. Below are a few comments submitted from graduates who are working hard to do just that:

I am currently studying to take my certification test next month and hope to do well. I enjoyed the Career Step program very much, as I appreciate the opportunity to study at home due to some health issues and travel inconveniences. I’m happy to report that I graduated with honors. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to start over. Your program and your staff are extremely helpful.
– Paula Shablo (Denver, CO)

I enjoyed the Career Step program.  Not only is it a wonderful program to learn, but easy to fit into any lifestyle.  I learned everything I needed to pass the state test and use the skills.  I was able to learn at my speed which wasn’t always the same speed all the time.  Life happens and this program worked for me and my busy life.  I was able to learn the inpatient and outpatient medical coding, I use it in my daily life, and I plan to use it for a career.  I have been studying to take the state test and feel confident with the Career Step training.  Career Step also helped me with my resume to assist in employment.  Even though I have graduated, they keep in contact with me.  The Career Step people are always there to answer any questions or assist with the process.  If I had it to do it again, I would choose Career Step again and if I need more training I will go through Career Step for that training.
– Michele Fields (Payson, UT)

Career Step is a great online program for students who are self motivated and dedicated. The program, although challenging, prepares its students for certification. I would highly recommend Career Step.
– Amanda Benbrook (Alvin, TX)

Maybe you need to be at home because of health challenges or maybe you like the convenience of an online program when your schedule is constantly changing. The Career Step online training offers great flexibility to those that need it, but it can be a challenge to pace yourself, motivate yourself, and stay on track during your training. If you haven’t recently, contact one of your instructors for tips and advice. Please know that we are there to support as a student and as a graduate. Congratulations to Paula, Michele, and Amanda for their dedication and hard work in their training! You will go on to accomplish great things! 


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