Housekeeping: Taxes and Moving

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To make sure we’re all in the best position possible to make the most of your referral efforts we have a just a couple housekeeping items today: taxes and moving.

We hate to bring it up…but tax season is right around the corner. If you earned $600 or more in 2014 for referring your friends or family, you should have already received a W-9 form from us that we need you to complete and return to us (if you haven’t already done so.) If you’ve earned more than $600 this year and haven’t returned it yet, please do so ASAP! We won’t be able to send future payouts until we get this information back from you. For those who’ve received $600 or more, we will also be sending you a 1099 form the beginning of next year, which you’ll need to include when you fill out your income tax forms.

Onto our second housekeeping item—please let us know if you’ve moved recently and haven’t already updated your address with us! Without a current address, your Referral Rewards checks may be lost or delayed, and we’d really love to make sure you get paid (especially this time of year when those holiday bills start coming in!). Please also remember to let us know anytime you change your email or phone number so we can always reach you if we have questions about your referrals.  If you are a current student, you can update your information from your course homepage after you login. Otherwise, send an email to with your new information and we can update it in the system.

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