Introducing our 2014 Referral Rewards Bonus!

Referral Bonus

Our goal with the referral program is to help you be successful as a referrer; your success is our success. And we’re very excited to announce a whole new layer—our 2014 bonus!

Just like any rewards program, the referral program offers extra perks for being loyal to Career Step. To start the year off right, the 2014 bonus will give you an extra $500 when you reach 5 enrollments in addition to your standard payouts (visit our Referral Program Basics post if you need a refresher on the different payout levels)!

Don’t despair if 5 referrals in a month seems unattainable—these 5 enrollments don’t have to happen in the same month. Whether you hit all 5 referrals in January or you only get 5 referrals all year, you’ll receive that extra bonus as soon as you hit the magical number 5. (Just remember, to qualify for the 2014 bonus all 5 referrals must enroll in 2014.)

Here’s a quick look at the difference the 2014 bonus can make…

  • If you get one referral every month from January through May, you’ll receive $100 a month for the first 4 months and then $600 the fifth month (standard payout + 2014 bonus) for a total of $1,000.
  • Refer all 5 new students in one month and you’ll receive $1,250 for your referrals ($250 per enrollment) PLUS the additional $500 bonus for a total of $1,750.

You’ll automatically receive the extra $500 with your first 5 enrollments, and you’re eligible for one $500 bonus.

We’re really excited about this new bonus—what about you?!

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