Meet the Career Step Military Advisors

In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we’re putting a spotlight on our wonderful team of military academic advisors.

Our team of military academic advisors works directly with military spouses worldwide to help each student find the career that’s the best fit for them and educate them on the specific financial assistance options available to military spouses. One of the most popular of these financial options is the MyCAA program, which provides $4,000 to qualifying military spouses and completely covers the cost of the Career Step programs. Our advisors are passionate about sharing this opportunity with others, and they’ve helped thousands of military spouses. We think they’re amazing, and while it’s true that we may be a little biased, we’ve heard the same from many of you. So let’s celebrate military spouses everywhere and meet the Career Step military academic advisors!

Brittany Emerine: Connect with her on Facebook
Brittany oversees our military advisors at Career Step and pours her heart into her job every day. A military spouse herself, she actually used the MyCAA program herself to enroll in Career Step’s Pharmacy Technician program several years ago (you can read her story here). She started working for Career Step in June of 2013 when she moved to Utah after her husband ETS’d from the Army. Brittany started out as an academic advisor helping students apply their MyCAA grant to Career Step training. In 2015 she was promoted to be the team lead, and she now provides training and guidance to the team and applies her own experiences as a military spouse daily. Brittany is originally from Orlando, Florida, and she feels that working with military spouses is one of the most rewarding opportunities she’s had in life.

Megan Robison: Connect with her on Facebook
Megan has lived in Utah her whole life, and she loves being outdoors and in the surrounding mountains. She loves hiking with her 2 dogs and also enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, camping and spending time with her family. She is passionate about education and is working towards graduating with her bachelor’s degree at the end of this year. Megan loves being able to talk to different students every day and being able to help them take a step toward a new career!

NikkiNikki Malone: Connect with her on Facebook
Nikki is 23 and originally from Los Angeles, CA. Her husband, Daniel, is active-duty Air Force, and he ensures F-16 Jets are ready to fly! She started working as a military academic advisor just last month. Nikki is loves cooking, music, road trips, video games, Star Wars, Harry Potter, rock concerts, and dogs! She rescued her 2 dogs Bella and Chewy, who have been the best company and fur babies—especially when her husband was deployed.


StefanieStefanie Boyter: Connect with her on Facebook
Stefanie recently relocated from sunny Florida. Her husband is active-duty Air Force and has served for 12 years. She has 3 dogs, which are her babies. Stephanie and her husband just purchased a home just north of Salt Lake City, and she’s excited to FINALLY get settled after moving to Utah the day before Thanksgiving this past fall. As a military wife, she knows the difficulties of finding and keeping a job when following one’s spouse around the country. She’s excited to assist fellow military spouses in advancing their educations and carving out their own paths for a rewarding career.

Laura Felsing: Connect with her on Facebook
Laura is originally from Sandy, Utah, and she has been a Career Step military academic advisor for 2 years. Laura loves movies, snuggling on the couch with her husband and dog, running, and working out. She is currently attending the Police Academy at Utah Valley University, and she will graduate as a Certified Law Enforcement Officer in July. She is also working on her bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University and should be finished next year.

Kyara Englund: Connect with her on Facebook
Kyara is originally from Oceanside, California. She loves spending time with her husband, Stephen, and their 2 recently adopted dogs. Kyara is currently working toward her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and loves to take lots of pictures on the side. She ran on the Career Step Ragnar team last year and plans on doing so again this year! Kyara enjoys attending concerts and hiking. She started working as a military academic advisor at Career Step in May 2015 and loves being able to help her students take advantage of the MyCAA grant.

Chelsey Porras: Connect with her Facebook
Chelsey was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and raised in Provo, Utah. She is the second youngest of 5 children and absolutely loves being from a big family. Growing up she was involved in many sports and played different instruments. She enjoys tennis, skiing, and playing the piano. Chelsey attended Utah State University for a year and a half and loved every minute of it. She dated her husband for 4 years, and they tied the knot last September! Chelsey loves being a military academic advisor at Career Step and finds working with military spouses very rewarding as she helps them continue their education.

Taylor Blake: Connect with her on Facebook
Taylor is originally from St. George, Utah. She loves spending time with her husband, Hadley, and their cat, Willow. Taylor prides herself on her knowledge of Harry Potter and loves attending weekend matinees. Her hobbies include playing the cello, riding and taking care of horses, and all things Disney. She started working for Career Step in May 2015 and is passionate about helping her students become the best versions of themselves.


We love our military team and are very grateful for all they do to help our students. Have you had a great experience with a Career Step military academic advisor? Share in the comments below!













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