MyCAA: Grab it while you can!

military familyAs a military spouse, you are more than aware of the many hurdles to your academic and professional pursuits, but now you can cross “financial aide” off the list. MyCAA is a generous financial assistance program funded by the Department of Defense (DoD) to promote career training for military spouses.

Unfortunately, many military spouses are unaware of the program or confused about the requirements. Take advantage of this door-opening program while you can—chances are you qualify.

Are you eligible?
Those who don’t take advantage of MyCAA benefits are often confused about the eligibility criteria and understandably so: requirements have changed over the years.

When first initiated, MyCAA was an instant success: the DoD was overrun with applications and enrollments and had to pause the program for 6 months. When re-launched in October 2010, the program’s eligibility requirements were altered to focus on career training that can be completed quickly and prepares students for growing, in-demand fields. Do you qualify?

• Your spouse must be active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or National Guard.
• Your military spouse must be in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2.
• Your program must be an associate degree, certification, or licensure.
• You must complete your course of study within 3 years.

Eligible? Check out the perks!
The program offers $4,000 in financial assistance with an annual cap of $2,000. Thankfully, the annual cap can often be waived if you find an otherwise qualifying career program. Even though funds cannot be used to fund a bachelor’s degree, they can be used to pursue an associate degree, licensure, or certificate in a high-growth, high-demand, and portable field. This helps ensure the education and career you pursue are a great fit for your military lifestyle.

Resources are ready for you
The application process can feel overwhelming, but don’t make it more complicated than you need to! Many schools are pre-approved and have MyCAA-approved programs and resources, making the search and paperwork a cinch for you.

Many MyCAA-approved schools such as Career Step even have academic advisors and MyCAA career counselors ready to help you with the entire process. In fact, Career Step’s MyCAA online training programs are ideally suited for military lifestyle and can put you on the path to a high growth career in a matter of months. Check out MyCAA-approved programs that fit your lifestyle here.

The MyCAA program was created just for people like you; don’t let the opportunity for free, quality career training pass you by.

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