New and Improved Referral Webpages Coming Soon!

PURL pageWe wanted to give you a heads up that changes to your referral webpage will be coming soon. We’re updating the look and feel to make the page more inviting and easier to navigate for your visitors as well as adding more tools for you.

Features that will make the page more useful for your visitors include:

While all of these features are very exciting, the change we’re most excited about is the new tools we’re adding for you. At the bottom of the new page, you’ll find a complete social media toolbar. This will make it really easy to not only share your page by email, but to also let others know about your page through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There will also be buttons to automatically bookmark your page so it’s easy to come back to.

We’re working hard to get these changes up as soon as possible, and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as your new page is live!

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