New Web Banners Available in Resource Center

Career StepA few of our most successful referrers use web banners on their personal websites or blogs and other online channels in order to promote their referrer webpages. We’ve recently received several requests from these referrers for a few more web banners.

We’re pleased to announce that these new banners are now available in the Referrer Resource Center! There are a variety of new banners available, including work-at-home and MyCAA messaging, all in several different sizes.

We’re especially excited to be offering the MyCAA banners because of the success so many referrers have had promoting this funding. If you’re unsure about how to increase your referrals by promoting MyCAA funding, check out our Referral Spotlight on Chelsy Emerson, a military spouse herself, who was able to benefit from MyCAA funding in several different ways.

What do you think? Are these banners what you were looking for? Will they help you in your referral efforts?

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