Removing Education Roadblocks with MyCAA

removing education roadblocksEducation is often the first step down the path to a satisfying, successful career. However, for military spouses, this journey can be full of roadblocks. The My Career Advancement Account (or MyCAA) funding program can help clear those obstacles by providing career development and employment assistance to military spouses pursuing associates degree, certificate, licensing programs. Here are some way MyCAA can help you start your journey without delay or discouragement.

Roadblock No. 1: Education can cost a small fortune.
Tuition, books, fees, materials—going back to school is no small investment. It can cost thousands of dollars for even one semester, and that’s money military families don’t usually have. Thanks to MyCAA, however, military spouses can receive a free education that gets them prepared for fields in which they can earn $30,000 to $50,000 a year upon completing a qualified program. Talk about a return on investment!

MyCAA contributes up to $4,000 toward the cost of tuition for military spouses who qualify as they pursue programs that lead to specific jobs by developing skills in growing, in-demand fields like healthcare, administration, and technology. Because MyCAA is an entitlement program, the funds are available to you simply if you meet the eligibility requirements. And when you train with programs like those offered through Career Step, you have no out-of-pocket expenses because MyCAA covers all of your tuition, which includes textbooks and a laptop that provides access to your online education.

Roadblock No. 2: Military moves make committing to a program challenging.
Frequent or fast moves are part of military life. The idea of committing to a local college or university—especially for programs that can take up to 4 years to complete—can feel impossible if you expect a new assignment every 2-3 years. How can you consider a 4-year program if you don’t know where you’ll be living in 4 years?

MyCAA is designed for the military lifestyle, supporting programs that lead to a career-focused degree or certificate in less time than a traditional, 4-year college program. For instance, it can take less than a year to be trained and in a new career with Career Step’s certificate programs. Many MyCAA-approved programs are completely online, meaning that you can pack up your education in a move and take it to your next home—whether that’s stateside or overseas.

Roadblock No. 3: Military life’s busy pace demands flexibility.
There’s never a dull moment in military life. Deployments and at-home assignments can both mean upended schedules at a moment’s notice, and that makes it hard to lock in school responsibilities. Committing to a set schedule can seem impossible—especially if that schedule requires being on campus somewhere, distanced from the responsibilities of home.

Once again, MyCAA has your needs covered. Many MyCAA-eligible online training programs are self-paced, which means you can attend class whenever and wherever works for you. Moving through the material at your own pace means you can blitz through sections when there’s downtime or take breaks as needed when your schedule gets overly full.

Career Step is an online school offering professional career education in healthcare, administrative services, and technology. Career Step understands the unique demands of military life and has trained more than 15,000 military service members and spouses through its online certificate programs. As one of top 5 enrolling schools participating in the MyCAA program, Career Step knows how important MyCAA funds can be in opening doors of opportunity. Call a Career Step Academic Advisor at 1-800-411-7073 or visit to take your first step toward a new career.

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