Summer Resource Round-Up: Increase Your Referrals with New Resources

Referral Resource Roundup

WOW! It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been 3 months since our last Referral Resources Round-Up and we’ve added a ton of new resources to help increase your referrals. (And with this year’s extra $500 referral bonus —who doesn’t want to get more referrals?!)!

1. Program Spotlights
We’re really excited about this new blog series. While you know about your own course (if you’re a Career Step student or graduate), what do you do when friends or family ask about one of our other programs? With our new Program Spotlight series, it’s easy to become more familiar with all of Career Step’s programs. So far we’ve spotlighted, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Transcription, and Executive Assistant. Make sure you’re signed up to follow the blog so you’ll know when the latest program spotlight is posted.

2. New Infographics and Videos
In case you haven’t noticed, we LOVE infographics and videos. Sharing them with your friends and family is an easy way to increase your referrals. We’ve recently released a great pharmacy technician infographic video highlighting the growing need in that industry as well as a cool new military spouse career infographic designed to help military spouses determine the best career for them. 

3. Referral Fliers
We just added three new fliers to the Resource Center, all about Career Step’s programs: Build a Better Life, Start a New Career, and Fit School Around Your Life. These fliers are specifically designed for you—they even have a spot where you can add in your specific referral web address so you know you’ll get credit for any enrollments. You can post these fliers on community boards at your local grocery store, library, or other local gathering places or share them with your book club, mommy groups, or at any event you attend. (Check out our Get More Referrals at Summer Events post for more ideas.)

4. Facebook Ideas
Facebook is a great way to increase your referrals and we are adding more ideas for using Facebook all the time! Since our last Resource Round-Up we’ve added the following Facebook post ideas:

5. Canadian Referrals
Have you thought about looking north for more referrals? Now is a great time to refer your Canadian friends and family to Career Step, especially since the shortage of qualified medical transcriptionists is particularly severe in Canada. Check out this blog post for great ideas on Getting More Referrals in Canada.

6. Blog Your Way to More Referrals
Have you thought about using your personal blog (or creating one) to get more referrals?  This post offers some helpful tips and suggestions on creating a successful blog to get more referrals!

7. Web Banners Refreshed
Speaking of promoting Career Step on the web, we recently refreshed all of our web banners in the Banners and Brochures section of the Referral Resource Center. You can use these banners on your personal website, blog, social media sites, or anywhere else you want to promote Career Step.

If you need additional ideas on how to get more referrals, check out some of our previous Resource Round-Ups: Spring April 2014 and Winter January 2014. If there are resources you’d like us to add, please leave a comment below and let us know what’s missing!


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