Celebrate Our New Programs with an Extra $100

We are ringing in the new year by offering an extra $100 referral bonus when someone you refer enrolls in our Medical Assistant or Physical Therapy Aide programs by March 31st. (Yes, that’s an extra $100 on top of your normal referral payout!)

For example, if you have one Medical Assistant enrollment in January, you’ll get $200 instead of the normal payout of $100. Or if you have 3 enrollments in February, and one of those is for Physical Therapy Aide, you’ll receive $700 total instead of $600. (For more information on the normal referral payout, check out our FAQ page.)

If you’re not familiar with these programs, please take a look at these quick facts that you can share with your friends and family.

Medical Assistant

  • Medical assistants are in demand with over 184,000 new medical assistant jobs expected in the next few years.
  • Career Step’s Medical Assistant program is a comprehensive course that includes both administrative and medical training.
  • Our program includes clinical medical training in EKG and phlebotomy which gives our students everything they need to work as a medical assistant.
  • Graduates can be working in a year or less and will earn on average $32,000 a year.
  • A job as a medical assistant ranks number 5 in best healthcare support jobs in the U.S.

Physical Therapy Aide

  • Physical therapy aides are in demand with over 42,000 new physical therapy aide jobs expected in the next few years.
  • With jobs in nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics, physical therapy aides have the freedom and flexibility to work in different environments.
  • Graduates can be working in as little as 4 months and on average can earn as much as $30,800 a year.
  • A job as a physical therapy aide ranks number 11 in best healthcare support jobs in the U.S.

Looking for more details? You might want to check out our Programs Spotlights for Medical Assistant and Physical Therapy Aide. You can also visit our Medical Assistant and Physical Therapy Aide program pages or direct your friends and family to your unique referrer webpage which includes those courses. (If you don’t remember your referrer information, send an email to referral@careerstep.com and we will be happy to provide it to you.)

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