Studying & Working from Home is Perfect for Military Spouses

Compliments to the military spouse.

Though it often goes unsung and unnoticed, your role in supporting your spouse is crucial, and you play an important part in the freedoms we all enjoy. Our hats are off to you and your extraordinary skill set:

• MacGyver-like skills allow you to handle unexpected situations without skipping a beat.
• Cross-country moves on your own, with kids in tow, don’t phase you.
• Furniture-Tetris expertise helps you fit your stuff into your new home, whatever the configuration.
• Making new friends at a moment’s notice—and being one—gives you an immediate support system.
• Turning your house into a home is instantaneous because you know that what makes a house a home is with you no matter where you land.
• Professional-level Skype skills keep you close to your loved one so that your relationship is not defined by distance.
• Making the most of every moment gives you the peace you need to say goodbye when your spouse gets deployed.

In addition to giving you all these crazy skills, your unique circumstances also create unique problems.  Going to school or having a career, for example, can be a challenge when you jump from place to place every few years. It’s difficult to gain experience at a company, and you never have a guarantee that your new area will even have opportunities in your field—not to mention the possibility of becoming a single working parent if your spouse gets deployed. Working from home might be the right solution to fit perfectly into your military-spouse life, and online education can move you seamlessly into your work-from-home career.

1. Career ready before you thought possible

Faster than a teenager can text
Teens texting A bachelor’s degree takes four years and an associate degree takes 2 years, right? Reality check: most students take a bit longer. On average, students complete a bachelor’s degree program in about 4 years and 6 months, and associate degree students finish in 3 years and 3 months. Don’t have 3+ years to spend in school? Consider a certificate program.

Certificate programs vary by school, but in general they’ll take you less than 2 years—and often they’re considerably shorter than that. For example, Career Step students finish in 11 months on average, and some programs can be completed even faster since our courses are self-paced. And because they’re online, you can complete your training from home.

Okay, maybe that’s not quite as fast as a teen can text, but you get the idea.

2. Flexible schedule for your military life

Flexible like a game of Twister

Studying and working from home gives you ultimate flexibility over your schedule. Whether you’re a morning person who wants to get going at 5 a.m., your “free” time is during your toddler’s nap, or you do your best work at night while your family is sleeping, 24/7 online accessibility lets you set the schedule that works best for your life. Most online training programs also give you the flexibility to study at your own pace, which allows you to fit your education around the rest of your life rather than reorganizing your entire life around going back to school.

Flexible, online education transitions perfectly into a work-from-home career like medical transcription editing or medical coding. You can continue to modify your schedule according to your evolving life—because let’s face it, the only constant in life is change.

Working from home allows you manage the twists and turns life throws at you.

3. Freedom to Move

Go ahead and hit the road
road One of the unique challenges of the military lifestyle is moving every few years. If you don’t complete your education program before you PCS, you’ll have to worry about whether or not your new area will have a school with a similar program and if all your credits will transfer. Online education solves that problem. With an online program you can take school with you no matter where the military sends you!

Moving every 2-3 years can also make it really hard to get the long-term experience you need with a single employer to be in line for job promotions. Choosing a career that offers opportunities no matter where you are helps you bypass this issue. You can have the security of holding on to your position over time no matter where you live, allowing you to grow and progress in your field rather than starting over every few years.

An online career gives you the freedom to enjoy the adventure of moving without the worry of a job change.

4. No commute, no childcare, no dress code

Get rid of all that baggage

A work-from-home career means you won’t need to commute, you won’t need childcare so you can go in to the office every day, and you won’t have a dress code. This is an ideal situation for a young mother with children at home or anyone who needs to be in control of their schedule. Plus, you’ll always be there when your kids need you. There’s nothing like relieving yourself of burdens you don’t need to carry.

Wouldn’t it feel great to cross a few things off your worry list?

5. Productivity breeds better results
Efficiency is your middle name

With some work-from-home positions, like medical transcription editing, the more efficiently you work, the more you make. Your income will be influenced by your productivity, and that means you have greater control over how much you can bring in.

With that amazing skill set of yours, you’ve got this.

Your Career, Your Choice

We’ve given you a lot to think about, but just remember this one last thing: You are the one who gets to decide what’s in your best interest. Look into your options, talk to your friends, do your due diligence, and if you decide that working from home is the best option for you, give us a call. We’re here to help.


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