Referrer Spotlight: Rachel Pittner

I graduated from the Medical Transcription Editor course back in October of 2012 and only signed up for the Referral Program on a whim because I never figured I would refer anyone (I viewed it as having to go out of my way to “pitch” the course to people, which I wasn’t too gung ho about). This week has been a very exciting and innovating one for me as a medical transcriptionist; I received two very great quality (almost to the point of spoiling me!) items of home office furniture, which were paid for solely by my Referral earnings.  The thing is I feel like I really didn’t do anything to earn that money; the course and experience speak for itself. I, more or less, just provide curious potential students with the link to my Referral webpage, and the course itself is really what seals the deal.

Anyway, I am so grateful to Career Step for not only my education but for all of the opportunities that it continues to offer me as a graduate.

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